Watch: Mikko Joensuu – ‘Warning Sign’

Pedal steels always sound sad. They are the instrumental mascot for all things melancholy. But the pedal steel that greets us in ‘Warning Sign’ sounds as if it’s carrying all the sadness of every pedal steel that was played before it. And if that wasn’t gloomy enough, Mikko Joensuu pours blue on blue with his trembling vocals that sound like they’re weak at the knees.

It’s a wonderfully vulnerable introduction to his debut album Amen 1 which was recorded in a small cabin in northern Finland. And if you think you’ll enjoy it then you’re in luck because it’s going to be the first part of a trilogy. Of the debut album, Mikko said:

Amen 1 is perhaps the most fragile. It’s an effort to find balance between great sadness and beauty, and to understand the very strange state when one’s mind is close to collapse and yet at the same time more alive than ever.” 

Part 2 is due out in late-2016 and the trilogy will close in early-2017. Sounds like quite the epic and we’re up for the ride.

Amen 1 is due for release on 10 June via Svart Records


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