Deers – Barn

After adding two more members to their lo-fi set-up, Spanish surf-pop group Deers are looking to gather some traction.

‘Barn’ is their latest track to date and the first they’ve recorded as a quartet. It’s not quite as rough and playful as ‘Bamboo’ which encapsulates their saccharine approach to surf-pop but there’s more a punk edge. It certainly isn’t saline though, at least not in a way that might alienate you and you’ll certainly be endeared by the way Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote’s vocal entwine themselves together. In essence, it’s a much tighter track but I know many of you will prefer the slacker ‘Bamboo’.

Surf always had such a cool image and I think it’s about time it came back. Only this time, without leaving a salty taste in your mouth but instead, a surprisingly sweet one.


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