In true hipster fashion, Yeasayer are slowly releasing tracks from their upcoming Fragrant World album all over the web so you can hear everything before anything is officially out. Can you find the rest? And if you do, let us know please. Hopefully we can collate the whole album here and review it too. But apparently the videos will be removed on 8 August at 8 pm. Following their twitter account might help. Also, this is the best scavenger hunt ever!

Track 1 – ‘Fingers Never Bleed’

Track 2 – ‘Longevity’

Track 3 – ‘Blue Paper’

Track 4 – ‘Henrietta’

Track 5 – ‘Devil and the Deed’

Track 6 – ‘No Bones’

Track 7 – ‘Reagan’s Skeleton’

Track 8 – ‘Demon Road’

Track 9 – ‘Damaged Goods’

Track 10 – ‘Folk Hero Schtick’

Track 11 – ‘Glass of the Microscope’


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