Pepper Rabbit – Tiny Fingers

With home studios popping up all over the world and equipment being more readily available, it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists to stand out in the music industry. This is worsened by the press constantly trying to compare news acts to their apparent influences. And then you have the problem of placing bands into a genre as a means of contextualising the sound. In the end, all you get is a generic sound with no real compositional flair or artistic aura.

By no means does that imply that Pepper Rabbit is the best thing since blue skies though. But there’s something about the serene soundscapes in ‘Tiny Fingers’ that seldom caress our ears. The rich depth is undeniable, the charming atmosphere irresistible and quite frankly, anyone who isn’t entranced by this psychedelic resonance doesn’t…

The point is who else can layer a clarinet, a ukulele and trilling synths into seamless harmony? But knowing that Pepper Rabbit won’t reach the heights of more mainstream artists (at least in a commercial sense) hurts. When a sound demands the attention Pepper Rabbit deserve, you just need to lie down and admire it.


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