Dimlite – Healing A Random Tyrant

You know you’ve done well to break from the usual sloppiness of mainstream tunes when iTunes recommendation engine fails to offer a reasonable to alternative to Dimlite’s ‘Healing A Random Tyrant’ – although Genius isn’t particular smart or accurate.

To be honest, you can see why. Dimlite’s latest album, Grimm Reality, is a dizzying mashup of instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, space funk and any other psychedelic, ethereal genre. What’s great about Dimlite is that it will take you a long time and a keen ear to know which sound goes with which track title. ‘Healing A Random Tyrant’ has so many tempo changes and breaks that if you were to skip through the track a bit, you might think that it was skipped entirely.

Listen to the first and last minute of the tune and wonder how the fuck he manages to piece the two ends together. The journey is forever twisting; the scenery forever shifting.

This track has some wonderful noises too.


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